Discover our Sparkling Wines

from our family to yours


Doesn’t every day deserve a little sparkle? No longer reserved just for special occasions, more and more wine enthusiasts are shifting sparkling wine toward the front of their wine cabinets for good reason. With our signature addition of just a touch of Icewine, fine bubbles, a delicate mousse and a refreshing, crisp finish, both of Peller Estates’ award-winning sparklers have earned “fan favourite” status with our customers. Enjoyed on their own or with a wide range of foods, these wines just seem to add a little extra something whenever they’re served.

  1. Signature Series Ice Cuvee Classic
    This sparkling wine blends traditional Champagne methods with a delicious Niagara twist: it's topped with a subtle dosage of Vidal Icewine.
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  2. Signature Series Ice Cuvee Rose
    Four varietals were carefully blended to create the delicate pink colour and one-of-a-kind taste in this signature blend of Niagara bubbles.
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